Quality Local Beef - Maryville Tn. From our family farm to your table.
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Premium Local Beef - Maryville TN




C&C Beef produces quality grain finished beef in Maryville Tn. We grow all the grains our beef is finished on, and our calves are raised on pastures with their mothers. We are proud of our calm, low stress cattle handling methods and believe that healthy, happy cattle make the best beef. 

Our calves are raised on pastures with their mothers. Once they reach weaning weight, they are either sold off in groups that get finished out west, or we keep them and finish them on grains we grow on our farm. 

They are born on our farm, spend their entire lives on our farm and eat grains and hay that we grow....you guessed it...the grains are gown on our farm too!

We are incredibly local, and we think our beef is incredibly good.





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